Tuesday, August 31, 2010

tiesto's one-night paycheck: $250,000

Buried in recent press coverage of an L.A. promoter's lawsuit against the city of L.A. for canceling a Tiesto concert at the Convention Center was the DJ's "guarantee." That would be $250,000. And, if it's a guarantee, that sounds like a possible minimum (as well as a possible maximum the promoter would be out if the show doesn't go on).

A quarter mil for a night of DJing? Whoa. I remember when rumor had it that Carl Cox charged $20k plus airfare for a trip to L.A. in the early '00s. And I'm guessing that 250k is minimum for Tiesto since this was said to be a 17,000-person event Halloween weekend. He often plays for much larger crowds.


Anonymous said...

This sounds like Tiesto and the promoter are colluding to rip off the city.

VPS Hosting said...

Something like that is priceless!

Anonymous said...

This SOUNDS like the city has an agenda against dance music events and sought to eliminate one of the genre's biggest promoters.

Anonymous said...

No, they're not colluding. Here's what's up.

Tiesto probably had many different offers for Halloween night. He decided to take this gig, passing on some other offers that may have been equal in value with the hope that if the show did well that he'd make even MORE money.

Now the show is cancelled. I'm sure he can get a $50K guarantee to play somewhere on that night, but the big money gigs were filled by other artists.

Now his agent, doing his job, is demanding that that the promoter pay the guarantee, since it is not Tiesto's fault that the gig did not play.

Thus in turn, Insomniac Productions is suing the city for canceling the gig for no cause, thus causing these financial obligations.


Welcome to the world of rock 'n' roll.

Anonymous said...

even if you like Trance this is a scam.

playing a few records, regardless how hard and creative people find beat matching to be or how many of the tunes are actually his, is not worth that much.

but...supply and demand is a motherfucker i guess :)

Kung Fu Kev said...

$250k? Not bad for a day's work; especially, a day NOT working..Sounds like he has a good lawyer, who drafted a good contract for him-

JD said...

That isn't much compared to how much $ they would gross on a Tiesto show.