Thursday, April 22, 2010

reflections on coachella 2010

Michael Lopez of LA Weekly sister paper Phoenix New Times has "An Open Letter To Coachella" that basically laments the festival's size increase from 60,000 to 75,000 people. "Was selling 75,000 tickets worth it to make the 2010 Coachella experience miserable for many in attendance," he writes.

I would tend to agree that the biggest problem at this year's festival was its size. I reported on three-hour waits for day one of the fest and how it seemed a little chaotic at the door. I later posted about "Five Ways Organizers Can Make Coachella A Better Experience," where I made points similar to Lopez's: " ... Its expansion to 75,000 people (and surely there were more Friday as people crashed the gates, got in with counterfeit tickets, or simply walked in without paying) changed the vibe for the worst," I write. I also take issue with the lack of edge in the lineup, with few if any surprising dance music acts (Tiesto, Deadmau5, LCD Soundsystem and Kaskade were big draws; the only act I had never heard of that I liked was a French crew called Club 75).

It's interesting to see many commenters agreeing with Lopez, with some saying this will be their last Coachella. (And for the record, while LA Weekly did team up with some sister papers in our coverage, I did not meet or talk to Lopez about the festival. I've never met him). One commenter on my "Five Ways" post had this similar and almost saddening sentiment: "By the time I left the field on Sunday, I turned and snapped a photo so I could remember exiting my last Coachella."

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