Monday, December 14, 2009

bomb the bass collaborates with gui boratto for new album; martin gore joins in

The next effort by Bomb the Bass, a.k.a. Tim Simenon, is a collaboration with techno darling Gui Boratto: Back To Light is due sometime in February on !K7, with the single "Infinites" coming at you Dec. 22. The long-player features the synth contributions of Martin Gore ("Milakia") and the vocals of Kelly Polar, Richard Davis and more. The core of the album took just two weeks to produce at Boratto's Brazilian home base.

"Gui's got a small studio in his house, and I had the basic sketches drawn up a few months beforehand, so we could just work together on one computer, bouncing ideas back and forth," states Simenon. "It just happened right from the offset, when Gui and I sat down in the studio. Even though some of the stuff he does is dark, a lot is quite uplifting. A lot of those melodies really began in that first couple of weeks in Brazil."

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