Thursday, November 05, 2009

robbie rivera speaks

In today's LA Weekly online I do a Q&A with Miami house/trance/tribal artist Robbie Rivera, whose new album, Closer to the Sun, is out this week on Ultra Records. He'll be at Giant at Vanguard Saturday. I asked him how he likes his warm-up DJs to play when he spins. Here's what he says:

"Opening DJs sometimes go crazy, playing hard, peak-time stuff -- and I hate that. If you're going to warm up for a DJ, you should play warm-up music that's appropriate to the setting and set time. I prefer 126 beats per minute -- nothing too hard, no big breakdowns. Warm-up music, that's what I like."

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1 comment:

PB said...

Instead of getting mad at the DJ get mad at the promoter. The promoter is the one who booked that DJ to play before the headliner. I've been throwing raves and club nights and DJing for over 13 years and if I book a Hard Trance DJ to open for a headliner that only plays 126 BPM then it's my fault not the DJs. Who would honestly expect that DJ to completely change his style and tempo just because the headliner plays slower than him. I'm a fan of Robbie and have been for a long time but his blame is misplaced.