Monday, November 02, 2009

l.a. halloween fests draw gatecrashers

In today's LA Weekly online I check in with local cops for crowd estimates and crime reports surrounding two almighty parties -- Hard Halloween and Monster Massive. Police say Hard did about 8,000 people on each of its nights -- Friday and Saturday -- at the Shrine Auditorium in Exposition Park (promoter Gary Richards tells the 'blogga it was more like 9,000 each night); Monster Massive drew close to its capacity of 80,000. That's nearly a 100,000 people going to dance parties in one neighborhood and doesn't count the superclubs and other parties (and after-parties) in L.A. Not bad.

About 50 arrests were attributed to both events. Most of the collars involved gatecrashers at Monster Massive, although Hard had a smaller but similar problem Friday. Details. Pics.

[Above: Mau5 fans at Hard; photo for LA Weekly by Timothy Norris].

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