Thursday, October 01, 2009

danny krivit interviewed

In today's LA Weekly online I do a Q&A with New York legend Danny Krivit, a rare survivor from both the early days of disco and house who is known for his 718 Sessions parties and for his teamwork with Francois K. and Joe Claussell as part of the Body & Soul crew. He's got a new 718 Sessions mix out via Nervous, and he's coming to the House of Blues in West Hollywood, California on Saturday.

He asked him if there was a moment when disco changed to house. He answered:

"The word disco had been around since the late '60s, but we really didn't refer to the music as disco until the mid-1970s: 'This is disco and a 12-inch.' With house music it was basically an overnight thing for me and for the people I knew. It had hit already in Chicago, and there was an import from Chicago that was the first record classified as house, [J.M. Silk's 1985 track] "Music is the Key." I remember before that we were playing records that I would now consider house, but we didn't have a name for them yet."

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