Thursday, October 08, 2009

chromeo speaks

In today's LA Weekly online I do a Q&A with one-half of Chromeo, David "Dave 1" Macklovitch. The nu electro/electro-funk act is a sensation with a certain Ray-Ban-wearing, pastel-pants-having demographic, as witnessed in August when fans climbed down balconies and rushed toward the stage during the Hard Summer festival, prompting authorities to shut it down. The pair will be in Los Angeles tomorrow to DJ at Discotheque at Club 740 downtown. It has a new mix-CD, DJ Kicks: Chromeo, released last month. Despite my own, er, lack of understanding of the pair's style, Macklovitch was kind enough to answer some questions and set me straight on a few things. He says:

"We're completely sincere in what we do. Going through the trouble of accumulating thousands of records and stacks of analog gear, and listening tirelessly to classic recording and producing techniques wouldn't be worth it for a tongue-in-cheek result, now would it? Nothing about what Pee and I do on stage is put on: We really look and dress and talk like this in everyday life. People thought we were a funny couple back in Montreal years before Chromeo even existed. But with this band, everything we do is honest."

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