Wednesday, September 09, 2009

weekend festivals reviewed

Village Voice has a review of New York's inaugural Electric Zoo festival (above). The two-day event saw more than 10,000 people total, the Voice reports, and vibe seemed to be good:

"The attendees proved to be an even more diverse mix of dance-music stereotypes: old-school couples reliving their club days (we spotted moms and dads with their kids . . . in strollers), music nerds (and DJs) clearly making note of every record played, bottle-service club-kids decked out in suits (it's still summer, guys), shirtless gel-heads, and hippies in rainbow-colored faux-fur." More.

Meanwhile, closer to my neck of the woods, Burning Man was blessed with good weather. So states NBC's Bay Area affiliate, which adds that attendance was down slightly from last year's peak: "For the first time in years, the city’s population was reduced by thousands, with last year’s population reportedly topping 50,000, and this year’s coming in at under 45,000."

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