Thursday, August 13, 2009

spooky speaks on 'the sasha machine'

In today's LA Weekly online I catch up with Duncan Forbes of influential prog-house duo Spooky. He says the pair is working on a new album that will likely drop during the Winter Music Conference in March. Meanwhile, he speaks about working in the studio, essentially anonymously, with Sasha on some of the DJ's most-popular long-players:

The negative side has been that a lot of people, particularly club promoters who don't know our history, find it hard to distinguish us from the Sasha machine. We started to become part of Sasha's band. We were just his producers rather than an act in our own right. So having done all the Emfire [label] singles and Invol2ver we pretty much gave up a couple of years of our life to promote someone else's brand. Although we were all making the records together, ultimately they had someone else's name on the cover and it would be someone else who would benefit from the gigs that followed.

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