Monday, August 24, 2009

mr & mrs smith go to burning man

U.S. trance king Christopher Lawrence is getting in bed with his longtime wife, Sara Finlayson, to form the DJ duo Mr & Mrs Smith. The idea is to take their sound -- she's a veteran publicist, manager and electronic music collaborator -- beyond the main stage. The pair is aiming for an after-hours vibe.

"I should say to anyone expecting to hear trance from Mr & Mrs Smith that they should stay home" Lawrence warns. Finlayson adds that "there are three criteria" for a Mr & Mrs Smith set: "The tracks need to be tough and sexy, with a groove. Electro House, Progressive, Techno - we don't care what the genre is."

The duo debuts Thursday, Sept. 3 at Burning Man in the Morpheus Tent at Root Society at 11 p.m. The duo even has a website, due to go up soon.

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