Thursday, August 27, 2009

la weekly talks techno

In today's LA Weekly online I interview Los Angeles techno promoter Robert Pointer (a.k.a. DJ Robtronik, spinning above), who has been influential in bringing the genre to the Hollywood scene with his Compression nights at the King King venue.

I ask: Was there any particular moment that told you techno was making a comeback in L.A?

He answers: "I feel like the moment I knew L.A. had decided techno was the sound is probably when Avalon started to make it a central part of their booking policy [in 2007]. That's when I think it was apparent that the co-opting of what was formerly a strictly underground party movement with Droid and other crews had morphed into the Euro-centric mainstream of a super-club like Avalon."

"[Also] my first Compression show with Tejada and Atkins [in November, 2005] was packed. I knew my instincts were right that you could take techno out of the downtown L.A. scene and make it mainstream in Hollywood if you presented it right. My take on it was to make it soulful, danceable, accessible, fun, welcoming and, most of all, appealing to women. I tried to market Compression as sexy club. It proved that it could be a successful clubbing experience in a mainstream environment."
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