Tuesday, August 18, 2009

diddy inspired to 'shoot up a club'

If you like your DJ mixes peppered with the inane musings of a has-been rapper, then Felix Da Housecat and P. Diddy have a mixtape for you. Lectro Black - Last Train to Paris is being unleashed to promote the MC's forthcoming album, Last Train to Paris. That Sept. 22 release is said to finally contain those elements of electronic dance music the rapper has been touting for most of the decade on his holidays with superstar DJs in Miami and Ibiza.

Diddy says Lectro Black is his alter ego. "We aint into that commercial crowd pleasin' ass-kissin' DJ, 'throw yo hands in the air, wave em like you just don't care' s---! We want your mind, we want your body, and we came to take your motherf---in' soul!" he says on the tape. The music is slamming, up-tempo, and loopy nu electro. It's all good, except when the talented Mr. Diddy lends his senseless chatter to the flow. Is this guy's only talent to say things like, "ah, yeah, uh" ... ? At one point he says this is "that gangsta music ... That type of shit that makes you shoot up a club." Great. Thanks for the inspiration. Let's start a campaign for Mr. Da Housecat to release the dub version. Uh. Yeah. You know, you know.

I'm not the first one to express this sentiment, either.

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1 comment:

Jonathan Keith said...

Nice one, Dennis. I remember hearing Erick Morillo play select tracks from this at WMC AGES ago. The production did knock, but then Puffy's carpet bagging voice would just ruin the buzz. What's with the timing?