Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2020 to drop new album

2020Soundsystem, Ralph Lawson's four-man dance band, is getting ready to release its sophomore album, Falling, Sept. 21 via 2020Vision. To celebrate, they're giving away some music, including an unreleased version of the album cut "Satellite," and a Lawson DJ mix called 15 Years of 2020 Vision.

The track list for Falling:

1. “We Get Down”
2. “Every Time”
3. “Sliding Away”
4. “Broken”
5. “Ocean”
6. “Dark Matters”
7. “Bisco”
8. “Falling”
9. “Psycho”
10. “Satellite”
11. “Closure”
12. “Way Of Life”

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