Monday, July 13, 2009

trance jam band reviewed

New York Times pop critic Jon Pareles reviews a live show by British trance jam band Younger Brother, noting on Sunday that "jam bands and the trance-music branch of electronica share a fondness for open-ended marathon dancing, fluorescent colors and neo-hippie fashion."

Indeed, I think I've made a similar point: The Burning Man crowd and the psychedelic trance acts that feed it (STS9, Infected Mushroom, et. al.) seem to have replaced the Grateful Dead circuit, at least out west.

Pareles writes that "replacing machines with human muscle has hurled Younger Brother backward along rock’s timeline, toward the post-psychedelic early 1970s ... But the music has also grown more human, approachable, dynamic ..."

(Eh, sorry Pareles -- I admire your work -- but this is a typical rock critic's reaction to electronic dance music: The more band-like it gets, the better it is. In other words, the more it conforms to a 1960s aesthetic -- white guys with guitars -- the more it is "real" and authentic. I'll continue to argue that the further we get from the Elvis stance, the more music will evolve).

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