Friday, July 10, 2009

new l.a. club debuts

The Los Angeles Times today takes a look at the latest Hollywood Boulevard sensation, Playhouse, noting that a pre-opening drew so many people that police had to clear the street. The story contains a lot of hyperbolous quotes, almost all from people who have something to gain from the endeavor, which occupies a former theater called the Fox.

I'm not too hopeful about this place in terms of dance music (although it is promoting a "Dirty Sexy House" night -- how original! -- Fridays). Though it's stated that it cost $6 million to open, there's nary a mention of what kind of sound system it has or whether quality DJs will be involved on a regular basis. Rather, the buzz seems to be about how its bartenders dance (Coyote Ugly style?) and how it's going to bring a Vegas vibe to the scene (great). It looks somewhat like a Disneyland-ish theme club through this kind of prism (and boy, the boulevard could use more cheese), but I guess I'll have to see for myself some time.

The piece also notes that one of Playhouse's parnters is turning Nacional and adjacent Holly's into a club called 77 with the disco-ish theme of 1977. No word on whether the core DJ night at Nacional, Monday Social, will stick around to see that.
[Los Angeles Times photo by Jay L. Clendenin].

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Anonymous said...

i went to the grand opening last week. gotta say its a pretty impressive place... similar in size and quality to a Vegas or South Beach club. They do have a Funktion One soundsystem and Giant is involved with friday nights. They are catering to the 'hollywood' bottle-service crowd...if you can tolerate that scene its nice to have a new place to go to....

this venue is what originally was planned to be Crobar LA.

D said...

Interesting. Thanks for the 411. Can't fault a Funktion One. Would have been nice if the Times had mentioned it and Giant's involvement.

Anonymous said...

D - to clarify its not quite like Giant launching a new nite here in LA. They are involved with promoting fridays and booking the djs, but they are doing it in conjunction w/Playhouse... basically its an Ivar-sized venue which on fridays will bridge the gap between commercial house music and the hollywood crowd. the venue on 2nd glance is a bit smaller than i had originally thought. i'm told the occpuancy is 700 or 1,000 depending on who you talk to. the venue will compete more with say a place like Area or the upcoming Drai's at the W than Saturdays at at Avalon or Vanguard or King King.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for calling out the Times on a kiss-up story full of self serving quotes. Wonder how many free drinks that reporter drank before he wrote that one. Some of us in the club business know better and can't wait to see them try and compete once the shine wears off. Allison won't help, look at her track record.