Friday, July 24, 2009

gary richards is hard

In this week's LA Weekly online I do a Q&A with Hard party organizer Gary Richards, who is moving his summer event to the Forum Aug. 8 to take advantage of a 15,000 capacity. The event features Underworld, Chromeo, Crookers, A-Trak, Tiga, Amanda Blank and more. He's also organizing a Hard party in New York, which is scheduled for Oct. 10. Richards says:

When I went to Austin for South by Southwest, people were always like, You gotta' bring Hard to our city. I thought New York is the biggest city. So we looked at a bunch of venues and found a good partner with the Bowery and Terminal 5. A lot of people want me to make this the biggest thing ever. To me that's not what this is about. If it's 500 or 5,000 people, it's going off with cool people getting into it. So let's do something kind of small and just kill it.

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