Thursday, July 16, 2009

chromeo kicks it

Hip-hop/nu electro nerds Chromeo have compiled and mixed the next DJ-Kicks CD, the first in the series in almost two years. To celebrate the duo is giving away it's cover of the Eagles' "I Can't Tell You Why" via this site. I'm working on getting the comp's exact release date.

The collection features "sounds you'd be hard-pressed to hear almost anywhere else: early '80s disco and R&B that sound little like the Italo and space disco currently enjoying a rise in hipster cred," according to a statement.

Personally, I can't stand these poseurs. But I'll keep my ears and mind open.

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1 comment:

Steven said...

I agree, I can't take their music. I found this out last year at coachella.

Hipsters love them though.