Thursday, June 18, 2009

l.a.'s underground techno artisan profiled

In today's LA Weekly (print and online) I profile the reclusive but influential techno producer Kenneth James Gibson, who's probably best known as [a]pendics.shuffle. He recently helped to remix Damian Lazarus Kompakt debut, Smoke the Monster Out, and he has music forthcoming on the Droog trio's Culprit label.

"Every time he plays, his sound evolves," Compression techno party founder Robert Pointer told me. "It's tribal, deep and, probably like an aspect of his personality, twisted. He has a driving groove that is rooted in techno, but he’s developed a sense of the atmospheric and musical flair that really moves the audience. I’m hoping for the day when L.A. is seen as musically relevant as the major cities around the world noted for techno — like Berlin and Stockholm. People like John Tejada and Ken will be on the forefront of why that has taken place."

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