Thursday, June 04, 2009

dj hero unveiled

I sniffed around the E3 Expo, the gaming industry conference in Los Angeles, yesterday, and arrived in time to catch Z-Trip spinning vinyl to promote the release of DJ Hero. Interestingly, none of the superstar DJs Activision hired to endorse the game ended up demo-ing it. Rather, a tech geek took over duties as the mini-turntable controller was installed onstage.

The game has players choose two tracks to mash up. It plays them, with three lines of music flowing on-screen. The player must press one of three buttons on the controller on-cue and scartch on-cue as the lines generate such graphic cues. Not sure I get it. I would much rather be actually creating actual mash-ups (the developers mentioned having licensed more than 100 tracks so far) than participating in this particular time suck. But then again, what do I know? It's not aimed at me anyway (too old). Is this the savior of DJ culture and dance music? Don't know. More thoughts to come.

(Photo, above, via my iPhone).

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