Monday, June 08, 2009

dance industry principals polled

Wrapping up its second-annual dance industry conference in Ibiza, organizers of the International Music Summit polled some of the 400 movers and shakers on hand about the state of the industry. It found:

-70.4 percent of respondents think piracy is still a "major threat" to business.
-62 percent said reversing the trend of free online music is impossible.
-65 percent said radio still rules.
-76 percent said they'd welcome a new, Top 100 DJs-type of chart based on "actual audience figures" instead of the current popularity poll online.
-65 percent feel electronic dance music is not properly acknowledged by the industry at-large.

KCRW (89.9 FM, Santa Monica, Calif.) music director Jason Bentley, by the way, was awarded the summit's first "Pioneer Award." Basement Jaxx (above) apparently rocked a capacity outdoor crowd for the closing party.

Organizers said the gathering was a success, with attendance up 30 percent, and much buzz about reaching out to a new generation of dance fans. The 19-year-old organizer of the U.K.'s Let's Go Crazy events blasted oldsters, and Richie Hawtin agreed, saying the industry is "not being in touch with youth." See the IMS panels on YouTube.

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