Friday, May 22, 2009

deadmau5 turns it out

A reliable source tells us that Santa Monica, California police shut down a scheduled appearance by Deadmau5 at the local Apple store last night before it could happen as a result of overcrowding. On his MySpace blog Mr. Mau5 encouraged fans to reprise an in-store thronging at a previous Los Angeles-area apperance: "How many people can we fit into an apple store," he writes.

"I seriously don't think they have any idea what theyre in for," he continues. "I KNOW you L.A. kids know how to throw it down ... So let's give 'em a little somethin' they won't forget anytime this decade."

The Toronto DJ, who just signed a deal with Virgin/EMI, headlines at the Hollywood Palladium tonight (which, I just learned, is sold out).

Photos by official Deadmau5 shooter Drew Ressler.

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