Wednesday, April 15, 2009

middleton offers mini-mix

Celebrating the April 27 release of his Renaissance mix One More Tune, Tom Middleton is giving away a 20-minute sample of the journey. And he has rolled out a name-that-one-more-tune contest, the winner of which will get a VIP package to the May 2 release party at Ministry of Sound. Middleton blogs about the mix:

DJ's and clubbers all know the chant 'One More Tune' as it echoes around the club. Lights on, security tapping their watches, promoter giving the DJ a nervous nod and a wink. So, Mr DJ, what's it gonna be? What's your favourite? When did you first hear it, who played it and why is it so special for you? These are the questions I ask people. And the feedback is always surprising and diverse. I've had 20 years of spinning and dancing to those classic finales. Dropping everything from the original Motown 'Don't Leave Me This Way' to the universally classic Balearic 'You Got The Love', or a techno sub-bass whopper like 'Diabla' to a shouty Brit Pop guitar rockout like 'Song Two', or perhaps a Drum and Bass rewind killer like Adam F's 'Circles'. You could drop something comical, a cartoon, jingle or an ironic TV theme tune. The Eastenders last 8 Tom Tom drums always make for a good ending. Anything is possible at the end of a night. You go with your instinct, and either select a stone cold classic or drop in a total curve ball. I love to spin people out with a monstrous, all singing and pogoing anthem, such as The Prodigy's 'Out Of Space' complete with corny fader rides in the chorus and then bolt on the very last bar of the 'Grange Hill Theme'Š, afterall it is home time! This, however, is a celebration of new and undiscovered end of night anthems blended with some well known classics. Crucially, nearly all have been remixed (or as we're calling them, remodeled) and digitally re-edited, then mixed in key groups at 128bpm. My remix style across the disc seems to be a fusion of deep house and melodic techno with a clear nod to the early 90's. For some reason I just can't help but build those hands in the air moments into each track! But don't take my word for it, the link above takes you to a 20 minute clip of the album so you can judge for yourself, listen and enjoy! I'm really happy with the result, and it was great fun replaying and revising a few classics, sometimes with parts but in most cases starting from scratch to rebuild them - can't wait to try them out in clubland! Perhaps we should invite contributions to poll an all time Top 40 of One More Tunes? What do you think?

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