Tuesday, April 21, 2009

early victory for scratch in dj hero suit

The makers of Scratch: The Ultimate DJ game state that a judge in Los Angeles has granted a temporary restraining order against Activision, the maker of the forthcoming, competing title DJ Hero. It's apparently an early victory in a suit that accuses the DJ Hero makers of hiring a firm, 7 Studios, that had been used to help develop Scratch.

According to a statement released by Genius and Numark, the makers of Scratch, "the court ordered 7 Studios, which was recently acquired by Activision, to turn over to Scratch DJ Game LLC within five days all source code related to Scratch – The Ultimate DJ game, including 7 Studio’s pre-existing developer software tools and technology that went into developing the game ... The Court also granted an injunction preventing 7 Studios from disclosing or discussing the game code or Scratch trade secrets with Activision or any other third party."

The release states that Genius and Numark will continue to pursue damages against Activision.

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