Friday, April 03, 2009

droog becomes beacon for l.a. techno

Also in this week's LA Weekly, Liz Ohanesian has a look at how the DJ trio Droog has helped to solidify the city's techno community with a label and downtown residency on the rooftop of the Standard Hotel. (They're up there this Sunday afternoon, too). The money graf:

... at the same time Droog is tearing up the local scene, there is something about the collective that is strikingly out of step with what people might think is going on in town at this very moment. There are no 15-year-olds in neon sunglasses screaming for Steve Aoki, no wasted celebrities waiting for the flash of cell-phone cameras, and definitely none of the top-heavy blog house that’s become a staple at clubs citywide. As with local crews like Compression and Droid Behavior, Droog is working with techno in the Detroit-Berlin vein, a style that few people thought would find a home in Los Angeles. It is this gap between the perceived view of L.A. clubs and what Droog is doing that led to a yearlong “gestation” period between conceiving the label and launching it.

My past Droog profile.
[Photo by Terence Patrick].

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