Wednesday, March 25, 2009

middleton makes new mix

Tech-house titan Tom Middleton is back with a two-disc mix, One More Tune, due April 27 on Renaissance. Each of the 14 tracks on the comp has been edited or remixed by Middleton, who has taken a long view of his record box by reaching back over the years with old school techno ("Strings of Live") and trance (Humate's "Love Stimulation") as well as contemporary tech-house choons. Says the man:

"The concept is simple: It’s a celebration of hand-picked past, present and future end of the night anthems. Some familiar, others more underground, yet all truly memorable, rich in harmony and emotion. It also provides a fantastic opportunity to redefine a handful of personal favorites. Sequencing a compilation of unsubtle anthems isn’t an easy process, so be prepared for more than a few euphoric hands in the air moments. Most importantly, each track represents an unforgettable club or festival moment during the last two decades."

Here's a Q&A I did with Middleton last year.

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