Thursday, March 12, 2009

lake dives in with debut; free mix offered

Scottish house producer Chris Lake is getting ready to release his debut album, Crazy, April 27 on Nervous Records. The long-player is said to feature some dark elements as well as vocal bliss, such as the tracks "Tokyo," "Give In (feat Nastala)," and his dance chart No. 1 "Carry Me Away (feat Emma Hewitt)." It also features "If You Knew (feat. Nastala)," which Pete Tong says is "huge."

1) “Tokyo”
2) “Aqualight” w/ Sebastien Leger
3) “Give In” ft. Nastala
4) “If You Knew” ft. Nastala
5) “Word” w/ Sebastien Leger
6) “In My Head”
7) “Crazy”
8) “Robots”
9) “Only One”
10) “Carry Me Away” ft. Emma Hewitt
11) “Communicate”
12) “Changes”
13) “Alone”

He'll be all over Miami, more specifically at those aforementioned Nervous parties. In the meantime download a free promo podcast mix from lake for March.

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