Wednesday, March 25, 2009

joris voorn gets profiled in village voice

In this week's Village Voice I catch up with Joris Voorn, whose Balance 014 mix-CD, out this month, is remarkable in its orchestral use of Ableton Live and its inspiring patchwork of 102 tracks. I write:

With Balance 014, the spinner follows in the footsteps of British star DJ Sasha, who, along with techno luminary Richie Hawtin, pioneered the use of Ableton Live software for building mix-CDs; it allows tracks to be sliced, edited, and looped into the mix with the push of a button. Elements of eight or more songs can be playing at one time—it's the revenge of the long tail, where the world's fringe music comes back together in dramatic fashion.

Voorn performs Saturday in New York.
[Photo by Krijn van Noordwijk].

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