Tuesday, March 31, 2009

fischerspooner preview live show; offer free dl

Electro-art act Fischerspooner's new live show, Between Worlds, will be previewed during three intimate live rehearsals open to ticketholders at New York's Performing Garage April 23-25. The show celebrates the release of the duo's third studio album, Entertainment, due May 5 on FS Studios. Look for "costumes and choreography."

"This is not like any show we have done before," states Casey Spooner. "The songs of the current album and other songs from our catalogue are set against a visual and sonic collage made from disparate literary and historical sources and theatrical traditions. It sounds strange and ridiculous but it all adds up. It becomes a very American story about ambition, experimentation, danger and the frontier. We wanted to create a show where it was impossible to decipher history or specific references. We are in a different place a decade later and this show reflects that."

On-stage contributors include:

Musical Direction: Ian Pai
Choreography: Vanessa Walters
Video: Andrew Schneider
Production Design: Marc Janowitz
Additional Sound Production: Ellis Traver
Additional Staging: Caden Manson
Lighting: Ben Kopland
Musician: Michael Cheever
Dancer: Vanessa Walters
Dancer: Stephanie Dixon
Dancer: Gia Mele
Dancer: Jennifer Sydor
Dancer: Julie Fotheringham
Dancer: Katie Rayle
Dancer: Katie McGreevy
Dancer: Ryan Lawrence

Tix are $40.

Download a single, "Supply & Demand," off the album, here.

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