Wednesday, March 11, 2009

dj am staying grounded?

TMZ reports that plane crash survivor DJ AM was booked on another doomed plane, the Continental flight that crashed in Buffalo and took 49 lives, but pulled out last-minute after getting a bad feeling. But the site also recently published a reply from his publicist saying that he was never due to board the Buffalo flight -- that he was playing in New York that night. And, responding to reports that the celeb spinner won't take any bookings unless he can drive to the venue, the publicist says that's not true, too; he has scaled back East Coast gigs to "focus on his recovery." (Sounds b.s.-ish to me).

In any case, imagine if some of our most-popular overseas spinners stuck to the road. There would be hardly any trance in America. (Wait, that's a good thing, innit).

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