Friday, March 27, 2009

citybeat out

LA CityBeat, the alternative-to-the-alternative weekly newspaper in Los Angeles announced today that this week's would be its last issue. I'm not going to dig up old hatchets. As a founding "senior writer" in 2003, I left the paper in 2005 to do magazine journalism. I stayed on as a freelancer, penning my Groundswell dance music column, until last year. I'll miss the old days. It was a rare publication that covered dance music perhaps more than any other non-trade publication in the nation, although the Village Voice chain seems to be doing it more and more these days.

Although I had problems with the way the place was run in the last year, it's disappointing to see that L.A. can't support two weekly newspapers. More than anything, the paper's demise is a product of the soft economy and an advertising and media world that's migrating online.

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Anonymous said...

it's probably worth pointing out that the last two major LA alternative pubs that were shut down in recent memory had the same publisher at the helm for an extended period of time --- that's right, charles understanding is he is now a sales rep at a very small paper in san luis obis --- how were this many intelligent people fooled?????

D said...

For the record - I could be wrong - I'm not sure about this one. I know Charles was at the New Times L.A., but I don't think he was publisher. While he was the publisher at LACB for most of its tenure, he wasn't the only one. And while I completely disagree with the dishonest way he ran the place, I don't think any publisher in the world could solve the economy, lack of advertising and online migration problems that plague all print pubs.

Anonymous said...

Gerencser now calls himself the CRO (Cheif Revenue Officer) of San Luis Obispo New Times, he is clearly a sales rep. Does he actually think that people are stupid enough to believe the bullshit that comes out of his mouth??

Bobby's World said...

as someone who was a rep at LACB after Charles left the building, i can say that anytime i saw a potential or former advertising client in the system, and Charles' name was the rep on record, it wasn't even worth calling. He screwed over so many clients and local businesses - very key and important ones too. Either running unauthorized ads, or overcharging them, there sure was a long list of people who would start cursing at me over the phone as soon as i finished saying "hi this is (insert name) at LA CityBeat..."

I think Will did his best, but poor managment and business practices there long ago put that place in a spot with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.