Monday, March 23, 2009

book report: 'superstar djs' reviewed

The U.K.'s Guardian newspaper over the weekend reviewed Mixmag veteran Dom Phillips' memoir on DJ culture, Superstar DJs Here We Go! Writes reviewer Dave Haslam:

By 1996, the patina of rebellion had worn off, and everyone appeared to be dashing to exchange their soul for a new Ferrari. Phillips describes Oakenfold as "a brilliant DJ but also a ruthless careerist", and exposes the widespread egotism and vanity (Judge Jules tells Phillips "I'm 41 but you can put 39 if you don't mind"). He gradually makes us aware, too, of the darker side of regular recreational use of class A drugs ... He similarly overstates the demise of DJing. The feeding frenzy of the late 90s has dissipated, but there's still a lot of activity, albeit monthly, or small-scale.

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