Wednesday, February 18, 2009

larry tee's off again

He's either one of the most influential people in dance music history, or the scene's biggest hype-man. Either way, you can't ignore him. Larry Tee, the self-proclaimed originator of electroclash, is back to claim the nu electro fruit he has sewn with Club Badd, a two-disc compilation due May 5 via Ultra Records. It features Princess Superstar, Perez Hilton, Amanda Lepore, Herve', Roxy Cottontail, Sébastien Léger, Tomboy, Jodie Harsh, Princess Julia, Christopher Just, Mel Merio, Jeffree Star, and 7-year-old video star Amanita, who appears on the single "I Love U." Ms. Superstar gets with Tee for the single "Licky."
[Photo by Andrew Strasser].

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