Friday, February 20, 2009

diddy goes electro

I find it strange that Sean "P. Diddy" Combs calls out other rappers for being stale then goes on to hype his forthcoming album as having elements of "electro." Isn't that what the likes of Kanye West, Common and anyone using autotune have been channeling for quite sometime now? It seems like his comments are designed to help his market position in a genre that's really become electro-crazed lately. He talks about his forthcoming album, to be titled Last Train to Paris, and reportedly due for a Sept. 22 release, here. The album will feature ... T-Pain. And it will be paralleled by a movie release on the same theme, he says.

I'll give Diddy credit for acknowledging dance music's edginess for quite some time. But he certainly took his time getting on the train himself -- all the while criticizing those who are already on it. By the way, he contributes to the forthcoming DJ Hell album we told you about.

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