Monday, February 02, 2009

diddy disses djs

P. Diddy says there's a hip-hop recession going on, and he blames DJs who only play the same-old, same-old. "I think hip-hop has lost its risk-taking quality," he tells MTV. Of course, Mr. D. is hyping his own record, which he says will be out around June and will involve "a new sound."

We're a little bit wary here at 'blogga headquarters. I mean, here's a guy who had a dance album recorded with the likes of Deep Dish, Felix Da Housecat and Darren Emerson in the can but never released it. (He did, however, release one track, "Let's Get Ill"). Here's a guy who has consistently gone to the Winter Music Conference with his posse and cleared out industry VIPs so he could pose next to his favorite DJs (last year it was Claude VonStroke; at least he has good taste in DJs).

Yet he hasn't really taken any steps toward the electronic -- and thus toward the cutting-edge -- when it comes to his own music. So now he's going to point the finger at others for embracing comformity? And, let me note, the likes the Kanye West, Common, Gnarls Barkley/Danger Mouse, A-Trak, Spank Rock and Diplo (the latter three of which also DJ) have certainly been reaching beyond the confines of radio rap and into the realm of electronic dance music. So, do they rate, Diddy, or are you just jealous?

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