Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ministry of sound fighting hed kandi lounge

In a post yesterday about the arrival of Miami's Hed Kandi lounge, I noted that Hed Kandi is a label owned by Ministry of Sound and that "I assume [venue co-owners Juan Carlos] Dominguez and [DJ Cedric] Gervais retained rights to Hed Kandi the lounge." Well, that's an assumption that's under seige.

A representative of MOS emailed danceblogga today to report that, in fact, Ministry of Sound has cancelled the lounge's licensing rights to the Hed Kandy name, has taken the lounge's principals to court and is currently seeking arbitration on the matter. In fact, the representative says, MOS went to court a few months ago to try to prevent Hed Kandi Lounge from opening in Miami under that name but lost because the lounge had not yet opened and thus had not allegedly infringed on any trademark.

The rep says MOS is doing everything in its power to settle the matter in a friendly and amicable way, but that Dominguez and company have been resistant to these attempts.

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pod_bs said...

We are thinking of putting them on our annual clubland death pool.