Tuesday, January 27, 2009

hed kandi invades miami

The first Hed Kandi Lounge in the United States has opened at 1200 Washington Ave. in Miami. The lounge, the brainchild of nightlife entrepreneur Juan Carlos Dominguez and DJ Cedric Gervais, features a down-tempo music policy (though it lists Sandra Collins as a guest DJ), an LED-lit "Kandi Bar," and executive chef Brian Aaron's Ferran Adria-inspired creations.

"We're incredibly excited to introduce something new and bold to the nightlife scene in South Beach," Dominguez states. "Hed Kandi is such a well-respected music label in Europe, I feel honored to bring its panache to the world."

Hed Kandi, the smooth-house label that seems to have echoed the artwork, branding and sound of New York and San Francisco's Naked Music label, was acquired by Ministry of Sound in 2006, but I assume Dominguez and Gervais retained rights to Hed Kandi the lounge. Apparently there's another Hed Kandi Lounge that opened recently in Panama City, Panama. They're billing this as their "first" U.S. location, so don't be surprised if more roll out.

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