Monday, September 25, 2006

she is glitter: alison goldfrapp
Monday notes:

-Sorry we've been AWOL. Busy with real work. And now, some news ...

-Tomorrow, Frenchman Martin Solveig's take on the Defected In The House mix-CD series hits stores.

-Goldfrapp (one-half of which is pictured above) is capitalizing on recent exposure ("Chocolate" mobile phones, Nip/Tuck promos) with a remix album, We Are Glitter, due Oct. 17 on Mute. It features DFA, Benny Benassi, T. Raumschmiere and more on redux-ties.

-Deep Dish's Sharam Tayebi, whose Sharam GU29 - Dubai is also due Oct. 17, has recently produced a single dedicated to the first woman to undertake private space flight. Anousheh Ansari took off for space last week on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft for a 10-day mission. She's a friend of Sharam -- they're both Iranian, too -- and his "Be The Change" hopes to capture her spirit. Proceeds from the single will go to nonprofit organizations such as Make-A-Wish. "Anousheh has demonstrated that no dream is too big when you put your heart and soul into it," Sharam states. "My challenge and joy was to create a track that captures the spirit of her mission."

-By the way, have you heard Sharam's new single, "PATT (Party All The Time)," a redux of the Eddie Murphy hit from the '80s? Cheese or smash hit?

-Jimmy Van M comments on that forthcoming Balance 010 mix-CD set that's he's compiled for Oct. 31 release: "This compilation was 15 years in the making," he states. "It offers different shades of music. The first two CDs are down-tempo mixes that expose a different side of me .... CD 3 is the music that I'm playing in the clubs right now."

-The ninth Ministry of Sound Sessions mix-CD is done by the Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde of Chicago house music, Curtis Jones, who will take on his Cajmere and Green Velvet personnas for the two-disc set. It's due Dec. 5. The first Cajmere disc is described as having a "soulful touch" while disc two is home to Jones' "darker side."

-Early next year, Deep Dish's Ali "Dubfire" Shirazinia takes his turn at a solo mix-CD for Global Underground.

-A3tv, "the nightlife network," felt compelled to apologize recently for announcing that Paul Van Dyk has launched a "TV" channel on the site. The A3tv web presence compiles video clips of DJs and offers them as a cohesive "channel" or stream of content, available online. I got it. I guess some people didn't.

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